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WealthFlow Ventures
September 2021

High Ticket Financial Course

Our friend Jey Lawrence needed a website in 24 Hours for a speaking engagement. We fixed that problem.


Website Development


Webflow and VideoAsk

Result 1
New Instagram Followers
Result 2
Landing Page
Converting more people into leads

Project Overview

Wealthflow Ventures is in the work of teaching people generational wealth.

By identifying people who needed to restructure their family estates, trusts, and banking,

Jey was able to systematically help these people.

  • Now they can sign up easily and quickly on his landing page.
  • Everything is built in and automated, ready to rock.


By applying a 50% extra rush order fee, our team turned around this entire website in under 24 hours from the first whiteboard session.

  • We identified a trackable, quantifiable goal. (Ie: Event Signups Online)
  • We integrated the already used CRM, Zoho, to help organize leads and customers
  • This page had a 10% Conversion rate! 


Upon completion of the web design, a new domain was attached. The landing page was live.

  • In the first 24 hours, 12 leads signed up! 
  • Within two weeks, over 30 leads have submitted forms to attend this high ticket event.

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